Staying Ahead of Mosquito Season in Laredo

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Some people have enjoyed our warm winter but others have noticed mosquitoes are out in full force. Mosquito season has come ahead of schedule. Someplace where the eggs won’t dry out and they can.

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The holiday season is near, and no one wants to feel bad during the happiest time of the year. The cold and flu season always seems to start earlier and more aggressively than the year before, which is why it is important to stay ahead of the virus by taking precautions to avoid the cold and flu.

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Our Mosquito Spray & Repellent for Yard Treatment. To help you kill off mosquitos in your yard, we have a specialized treatment. A highly trained and experienced technician will expertly apply this to your outdoor areas at the peak of mosquito season, which runs from around May 6 all the way through the end of September. You’ll see results.

Yep, it’s mosquito season again. It’s not just about itchy bumps. As scientists, we need to be monitoring the situation and staying one step ahead of the game, and not making assumptions that it.

McALLEN – Health care professionals from across the U.S.-Mexico border met Wednesday to discuss efforts to reduce the spread of the Zika virus on both sides of the border as mosquito season ramps..

Texas expands Zika recommendations ahead of 2017 mosquito season. With its outbreak last year, Texas became the second state within the continental united states to report local Zika transmission, following Florida, which reported its first locally transmitted cases in July. Puerto Rico and other U.S.

"It’s a challenging year," said Mike McLean of the metropolitan mosquito control district, which is doing its best to take.

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Stay Ahead with Mosquito Prevention This Summer Make Your Summer More Enjoyable As the days grow hotter and more humid, outdoor activities will expose you to mosquitoes.

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