Olivia Williford (LivTheBookNerd)’s review of The Chupacabras of the Rio Grande

It is known as both chupacabras and chupacabra throughout the Americas, with the former being the original word, and the latter a regularization of it. The name is attributed to Puerto Rican comedian silverio prez , who coined the label in 1995 while commenting on the attacks as a San Juan radio deejay.

What Is The Chupacabra? Reports have come from across the U.S., Puerto Rico and Russia about mysterious, vampiric animal attacks. Are they the work of the Chupacabra? ATC looks at the facts.

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Pliny’s word caprimulgus, which became the genus name for the night jar, is a direct Latin translation of Aristotle’s Greek aegothelas, both meaning goat-sucker.Thus, the nightjar is known as the "goatsucker" in most European languages. In Italian, it is the succiapre.In (early) Spanish chotacabra, and in Portuguese, chupacabra (Otto Springer, review of Arv.

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Contents 198 million cash offer Heavily democratic south Karnes county cockfight yields Agenda 21 radio cockfighting operation Moments megan savatha Corporations roam freely Olivia Williford (LivTheBookNerd)’s review of The Chupacabras of the Rio Grande In Puerto Rico and Mexico City, the Chupacabra becomes an urban legend.

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Chupacabra is not correct. The original and coherent form in Spanish is chupacabras. The singular form is a confusion by the native English speakers when they compare the term with goat sucker, and doesn’t make sense in Spanish at all since the creature doesn’t suck one goat, but many. 12:33, 24 June 2012 (UTC)

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Three Theories to Explain the Chupacabra September 14, 2015 by Nick Redfern READ TIME: 8 mins In early 1995, the people of the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico were plunged into states of fear and hysteria.

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